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07/21/12 - I had to make the difficult and sad decision to discontinue paying for the card server service which enables the images to be sent as e-cards. Though the cards still work for now, it is only by the grace of the card service and may not remain active forever. If someone wishes to take over the site, please contact me.

11/6/07 - Thanks for your patience as the site upgrades today and may experience some down time.

10/29/04 - New Fall and Halloween section!

10/16/04 - New images in the following categories: Crew, Other, John & Aeryn and JAVA & Flash. I also created a new section for images mentioning The PK WARS.
NOTE: These updates contain the mini promo pics.

10/12/04 - Send someone through a wormhole! Find this in JAVA & Flash.

10/12/04 - New images in the following categories: Crew (Sikozu), Other (Braca), and JAVA & Flash (Sikozu).
NOTE: These updates contain the mini promo pics.

10/11/04 - Updates today in the following categories: Crichton, Aeryn, Chiana, D'Argo, Scorpius and JAVA & Flash.
NOTE: These updates contain the mini promo pics.
I sincerely apologize again for not having updates earlier or responding to e-mail. Since my father's illness and death this year, I have been considerably out of the loop. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

12/18/03 - I added a page where you can use your own image in a card. Due to the lack of updates on the site this year, I decided this was more necessity than luxury. If you have a favorite image other people might like to send in a card, please let me know. If it is your original image, full credit and a link will be provided.

12/18/03 - Holiday images are now available! If you have any images you would like to contribute, please let me know.

12/18/03 - I sincerely apologize for not having updates to this site. This year I have been unexpectedly away from the computer for large periods of time and just can't seem to catch up. If you have mailed me since my last update, please don't feel ignored. Your message is probably still in my in-box. I truly appreciate your patience. All my sites have been neglected, however, I have not given up interest or dedication.

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